this is my DIGIZINE, which is basically a blog. just a kinda online journal !
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march 13, 2020 3:45 PM

gee wizz howdy neocities

its me!!! im back!!! i wasnt fucking kidding when i said this site was a hyperfixation. theodoreonline was my child for a month or two then i never touched it again, but now im in self quarantine for yknow, the plague, so im gonna try to do a lil construction on here! might just move digizine to the frONT PAGE!!!

november 10, 2019 11:03 PM

i wish i could be anonymous

but my enormous fucking ego makes me wanna attach my name to everything i am even a little bit proud of. the only thing i have ever done anonymously is slap anarchy A’s and karl marx quotes on train station poles across the twin cities. i wanna be a mystery.
i wanna be like banksy. i wanna be able to say whatever i want and do whatever i want and make an impact without it being directly associated with me. this whole website started because of that. but then i got invested and now you know who i am.

october 29, 2019 10:27 PM

god FUCKIGN damn dude i love biking

soup? hot. tiddies? out. seratonin? FLOWIN.
ok so at the beginning of the summer i was super into squat the planet kinda stuff (travel punk, yknow?) and i got a job as an apprentice at a bike shop bc thats punk as hell i guess anyway i bought a new bike (its a piece of shit little pink sekai and i LOVE HER her name is DELORES) and i biked to work sometimes and it was all kinda whatever
SHIT dude last wednesday i got my dumb lil bike on the light rail to minneapolis, hung out at the COOL KIDS CAFE (hard times) and made friends with an old guy workin at mayday books, i train'd my ass home (the bike was very much for show) and then i was like HAHA I WANT SOME MORE HOUSEPLANTS so i fucking ! biked! to the highland nursery! and bought! some plants! who am i! i am a comic book character who does not have a worry in the world.
TODAY! got home from work! charged my phone, n hopped on my bike again. n rolled on down to half price books, met a friend, spent a lotta money, and biked home! in the dark! at night! in 30 degree weather!
ok heres the fucking thing though. ive ridden home from half price books before, in the summer, in the middle of the day, and i didnt know what the hell i was doing. but GOD cruising down the street, running over crunchy ass leaves, breathing in super crisp air, n having to squint your eyes because its the air burns them IS FUCKING MAGICAL. every now and then ill go down a hill and just lean over and FEEL ALIVE anyway thats me yelling about biking! xoxo gossip girl

september 26, 2019 12:21 AM

thats pretty neat

my latest hyperfixation actually turned into something! and better yet, im PROUD of it!
two days ago i decided to start journaling online, completely anonymously, because id remember it easier since i havent touched my bullet journal in weeks. i looked into neocities since i knew it from a few args/anomalies or whatever you call random weird shit on the internet like Lain. a couple days and not enough sleep later and since i cant do ANYTHING anonymously, i made theodoreonline.
ive felt calmer while coding this site, more focused, and not bored at all. social media makes my brain get mad at me, so im replacing it with a bigger thing that i am actually proud of and that is 100% my own. heart emoji