december 18 2020
man uhhhh long time no fucking see i guess, neocities tells me the last time i updated this site was EIGHT months ago which is extremely fucked up. yeah so theres a whole ass apocalypse happening? its DECEMBER 2020, last time i went outside without being afraid of breathing other people's air was MARCH, which, for reference, was NINE FUCKING MONTHS AGO.
this site started out of a fairly breif hyperfixation (which is cool ! most of my projects start off obsessively and then just never get finished) and im a little disappointed that its been so long since ive updated it. ive built a couple other sites since, though: internetdruid and upandtotheleft, for a friend's band.
god im so bad at tone, i fee like so far this sounds like a goodbye letter which it 100% is not, just more of a "this is why i havent been here for over half a year" type thing. okay now into the meat of what i wanna talk abt.
i have become so unbelievably disillusioned with social media recently, ESPECIALLY since instagram replaced their fuckcing notification button with a SHOPPING BUTTON(AAARHGHGHGHGHHHH) and twitter decided that they want stories too now. when i first started using social media there was a different platform for different things and it was lovely and i just miss that. i also have a weird outsider nostalgia feeling for the early internet (surprise surprise lol) where things were anonymous and new and exciting and aaaaaaaaa. heres a vid explaining where im coming from lmfao.
ok anyway so. im really struggling with the art(ew) i make and how i put myself into the world and how my attention span is completely shot from CONSTANT consumption of media 90% of which is entirely vacant OH my god please just give me a trench coat and combat boots at this point. good lord.
this might be an attmept to find a better way to tell my stories and share my art and do what i wanna do, because i adore the internet, but i dont like social media that much, i think its a far cry from what it was intended to be.
im gonna reintroduce myself.
hi my name is theodore or truck or teddy or whatever you wanna call me. im 17, i live in the minnesota twin cities, im an aNaRcHiSt, im an aRtIsT, i have adhd (clearly), and a new personality every single week based on whatever character or person ive been projecting onto, recently? dave strider but is that really a surprise.


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