music is good!! heres some playlists i made


picking up my dad at a gas station on a rainy tuesday night

driving down to l.a. - ezra furman

dance music - the mountain goats

avant gardener - courtney barnett

drunk drivers/killer whales - car seat headrest

total football - parquet courts

tell em all to go to hell - ezra furman again, i love ezra sm :)

at night in dreams - white denim

paul - big thief

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art by weilard

god is dead, people are stupid

dear god - XTC

tom sawyer - rush

subdivisions - rush

bullet with butterfly wings - the smashing pumpkins

the meek shall inherit nothing - frank zappa

there but for the grace of god go i - machine

we're only gonna die - bad religion

athiest anthem - leftover crack

little dark age - MGMT

baba o'riley - the who

mother - danzig

darling nikki - prince

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little dark age